Dear Colleagues,

The 50th EWOPA Jubilee conference will be held in Helsinki in our brand new Children's Hospital.

The conference's main issues are the psycho-social aspects of children with different stages of chronic kidney disease including those on dialysis and transplanted.

We welcome the multi professional renal team members from all over Europe; nurses, pediatric nephrologists, social workers, teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, music therapists, dietitians, physiotherapists.

The proposed topics are

  • quality of life, and how to measure it
  • the impact of media to forward medical information
  • transition: when and how to do it
  • siblings' needs
  • sport activities in CRF patients
  • the problems of poor growth
  • information material for patients and families

On behalf of the organizing committee

Prof. Hannu Jalanko

New Children's Hospital,
Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

Venue: The New Children's Hospital

The New Children's Hospital is focused on demanding specialized health care for children. The hospital provides care for patients from all across Finland.

Families can stay together in New Children's Hospital. Parents are allowed to stay with their child around the clock.

Address: Stenbäckinkatu 9, Helsinki. View on map
Please enter the building from entrance D


Thursday, 23 May 2019

Celebrating EWOPA 50 years

14:00-15:00 Registration and coffee
15:00-15:15 Welcome address Prof Hannu Jalanko, New Children's Hospital
University of Helsinki
Chair: Hannu Jalanko and Christopher Reid
15:15-15:45 EWOPA 50 years Christopher Reid, Evelina London Children's Hospital
Keynote lecture
"What happens to a child with renal failure" Francesco Emma, Bambino Gesu Children's Hospital
19:00-20:00 Welcome reception at the Centre of Helsinki at the old Court House (Aleksanterinkatu 20)

Friday, 24 May 2019

Coping and adjustment to ESRD – focus on infants and their parents

Keynote lecture
Chair: Christopher Reid and Elisa Ylinen
8:00-08:45 Infants with ESRD - challenge and pitfalls Timo Jahnukainen, New Children's Hospital
Oral presentations
Mental health following paediatric renal transplantation (15+5 min) Jenny Prüfe, Hannover medical school
Stress, anxiety and depression in parents of children with chronic kidney disease and its correlation with protective behavior (10+5 min) Elke DeBruyne, Ghent University Hospital
09:30-10:00 Coffee break

Therapeutical approaches of the multidisciplinary team

Chair: Timo Jahnukainen and Lore Willem
10:00-10:25 Early interaction of child with chronic disease Eeva Lahti, psychiatric nurse and Hanna Hakomäki, music therapist, New Children's Hospital
10:25-10:50 Supporting oral eating skills in children on dialysis Jetta Tuokkola and Annika Rastio, New Children's Hospital
Oral presentations
Interventions for anxiety in pediatric care (15+5 min) Lore Willem, University Hospital Leuven
Using compassion focused therapy in the care of children with chronic renal failure: a case series (10+5 min) Nicole Parish, Children's Hospital for Wales
The PEEER project and AI:building patient empowerment, self-esteem, employability and resilience (10 +5 min) Arvind Nagra, Southampton Children's Hospital
11:45-13:15 Lunch – poster viewing – exhibition

Challenges and interventions in patient care

Chair: Robert Novo and Dirk Bethe
Oral presentations
Our experience empowering children to self-cannulate AV fistulas – 2 case studies (10+5 min) Beverley Magowan, Evelina London Children’s Hospital
Patient at the hemodialysis unit but also a pupil (15+5 min) Anita Engelen and Gabriëlle Bakhuis, Amalia Children’s Hospital
A multidisciplinary approach for children with chronic kidney failure of an eGFR below 25 mL/min per 1.73 m2 (7+3 min) Jaqueline Knoll, Amalia Children’s Hospital
Considering best practice at psycho-social meetings for children with renal disease (10+5 min) Nicole Parish, Children's Hospital for Wales
Trauma-informed care in working with children with ESRD – in practice and in health care delivery (10+15 min) Nancy Kamphuis-Serpa, Amalia Children’s Hospital


Chair: Christer Holmberg and Tuula Hölttä
14:40-15:10 Medical treatment from the view of the ward pharmacist Anna Santamäki
Oral presentation
Medication adherence in children with chronic kidney disease: the role of self-efficacy and executive functioning (10+5 min) Nienke Maas, Amalia Children’s Hospital
15:25-15:55 Coffee break

Providing care for patients with a multicultural background

15:55-16:45 Panel discussion
Chair: Dirk Bethe
In panel: Christopher Reid, Paula Seikku, Jenny Pruefe
16:45-17:10 EWOPA business meeting
19:00- Conference gala dinner at Restaurant Pörssi, Fabianinkatu 14 In additional to 3 course Scandinavian style dinner we will hear live music.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Focusing on youth

Chair: Jenny Pruefe and Nienke Maas
Keynote lecture
9:00-9:30 What do adolescents need during the transition of care? Silja Kosola
Oral presentations
Psychological aspects of adolescents with chronic kidney disease (10+5 min) Tatiana Sviridova-Tsygin, National Medical Research Center for Children's Health
Can e-coaching support chronically ill adolescents during transition of care? A qualitative systematic review on RCTs (10+10 min) Anna Tornivuori, University of Turku
Youth work and transition, a no-brainer (15+5 min) Donna Hilton, Nottingham Children’s Hospital
10:45-11:15 Coffee break
11:15-11:45 Discussion and closing remarks
11:45-13:00 Guided tour at The New Children's Hospital
13:00- Goodbye!